Shorter baggage drop off times and shorter queues with ExpressDrop

ARINC’s ExpressDropTM is the world’s first common bag drop application for passengers who have already checked in on the Web, at a self-service kiosk, or on their mobile phone. Since many passengers now arrive at the airport with their home-printed boarding passes they just need to drop off their bags at their airline’s bag drop desk. Now ARINC takes this innovation one step further by allowing passengers from multiple airlines to drop their bags off quickly at a single bag drop point. The simplified process and fast operation of ExpressDropTM makes for shorter baggage drop off times and shorter queues. ARINC’s common bag drop solution gives passengers more choice, greater control of their journey and further improves their travel experience.


Benefits | Rockwell Collins' ARINC ExpressDrop Automated Baggage Handling
Get control of departure hall counter space.
Handle a range of airlines quickly and seamlessly from one workstation.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes | Scalable Solutions with Common Use Terminal Equipment
ExpressDropTM is made possible by a layer of middleware which “translates” the check in requests from the ExpressDropTM browser GUI into commands recognised by a specific DCS

Business Case

Save up to 38% with Rockwell Collins' ARINC ExpressDrop | Leading Baggage Handling System Supplier
By implementing a common use bag drop, peaks may be smoothed out by sharing counters among multiple airlines operating within the same area of the terminal

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